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The electonics of today are improving at a rate faster than at any point in history.Before you know it, the hottest new items become virtually obsulete.thesedevices have made our lives more convenient, but the price for these advances can often go beyond retail.Heavy metals found in everyday devices like television,cellphone,computers and monitors can have a devastating effect on the environment if not disposed of properly.what’s more, these precious materials are too often lost to land fills.forcing manufacturers to mine more of these metals out of Earth.

Using e-waste disposal services like Green Wave Recycle is one of the greenest steps you can take today.We have made it our mission to keep as many electronic devices out of landfills as possible.Every year, Californians throw out hundreds of thousands of these items.Every person who takes advantage of our free e-waste disposal services helps keep our landfills a little emptier and our environment a little safer.

as an e-waste disposal service, it is our goal to be a part of the solution when it comes to the environment.And you can help.We incourage everyone to bring their unused electronics to our convenient Riverside facility for free disposal.For business with a minimum of eight monitors/CPUs, we even offer free pick up.

Our Refined electronic waste disposal process keeps heavy metals out of landfills and recycles the materials for future use. To learn more, call today or visit our Riverside facility.

Electronic Recycling

Green Wave Recycling Provides an easy solution to your electronic waste disposal needs.We accept a wide variety of electronic devices from individuals and businesses, with free pickup offered on high-volume loads.

When you dispose of certain electronic items, you want to make sure that they won’turn up later.That’s why we offer product destructions services-including prototypes,security goods and related products-to protect your business.

Protecting your intellectual property in this day and age is an important concern for individuals and business alike. We will make sure your data is eradicated completely, a guarantee backed up with the certificates of Destruction we issue.

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According to a new report, the world's e-waste -- discarded smart phones, iPads, and televisions -- will grow by 33 percent to 72 million tons in just three years.


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