How Green Wave Electronic Waste Recycling Helps You Get Rid of The Clutter
Electronic waste is a common eyesore all over the states. In the state of California alone, hundreds of thousands of items lie in the attics, garages and yards, absolutely useless. We seem to be minting so much waste in our homes, but thanks to ewaste recycling services, you do not have to be overwhelmed with the useless items at home. How would you like to enjoy using top-notch electronics, change them at will and at the same time, ensure that you leave the world a better place than you found it? It is possible, but only if you engage the services of professional ewaste recycling company like Green Wave.

Image of electronic waste in Ghana

It is irresponsible electronic waste disposal like this in Ghana (Africa) that leads to pollution of the environment
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While technology has many benefits, one of the disadvantages is that it becomes obsolete very fast. What was in fashion yesterday will be out of fashion tomorrow and another better item will replace it. Electronic waste is thus defined as the consumer electronics that are no longer wanted. Because most electronics are made of plastic covers, most people do not relate the items with hazards. After all, plastic seems so harmless. However, inside the plastic covers are parts made of copper, lead and other heavy metals that are very harmful to the environment and to human health if they are not disposed of properly.

What is the role of waste management recycling providers?

TVs, cameras, VCRs, computers, printers, photocopiers, cell phones, fax machines, play stations, stereos and many more all fall under e-waste when they are no longer needed. From the gadgets that you have at home, you can see just why there is a dire need for waste management recycling. If there was no recycling, there would be e-waste lying all over.

Electronic waste recycling providers like Green Wave ensure that you enjoy your electronics without worrying too much about their effect on the environment. Most people wonder how much money they will pay for the electronic waste recycling services. However, if you live in Riverside and its environs, you are welcome to dispose of all your electronic waste freely and then leave everything else to the Green Wave recyclers.

Waste management recycling services such as those offered by Green Wave ensure that we make the world a better place for our future generations. We owe that to them. For just that, this company offers free disposal where you can just pack all the electronic stuff that you do not need onto your pickup truck and then drive it down to their facility. For businesses that have many electronic items like hairdryers, computers and monitors, Green Wave sends a vehicle to collect all the stuff that you have no use of any more.

Why choose Green Wave for your electronic waste disposal?
You already paid money to buy the electronic items that you have no more use of, but that is not all. Now, the electronics are piling up at home and you do not know what to do with them. That is where the Green Wave e-waste recycling company comes in.

Do not pay someone to ferry away your decrepit electronics to the recycling centers. If you really have amassed a lot of stuff, the company will send someone over to collect it. Do not leave them lying in the backyard because they will be liable to cause accidents and eventually, their heavy metal parts will seep into the soil.

If you are in California, you are free to visit the Green Wave Riverside facility and dispose of the electronic items that you no longer have use for. That way, they can be sorted, the useless ones disposed of, the repairable ones will be repaired and the hazardous parts will be disposed of safely.

Let Green Wave recycling clear your home of all the electronic clutter
Apart from clearing your home off the clutter that useless electronics cause, did you also know that the pieces of junk make very good homes for pests, rodents and all manner of unwelcome visitors especially in the warm seasons? If you pile them in the backyard where they collect water, they will make very good breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Luckily, this does not have to happen because Green Wave e-waste recycling and management will clear away the junk for you.

Ewaste management cannot be done on a DIY basis
Even if you are a DIY freak, e waste management is not something that you want to try at home, You could be exposed to heavy metal poisoning as well as other freak accidents. It is best handled by experts. Green Wave ewaste recyclers do not only want you to take the old items that you do not need any more to them. They also advise you appropriately through their online resources on how you can contribute to the betterment of the environment. For example, you can:

• Give away the old but working electronics to charity
• Upgrade your computer instead of buying a new one

eWaste Management – What Can You Do To Help Save The Environment?
Is eWaste management the responsibility of the electronic manufacturing companies, the consumers, the government or the recyclers? The answer is that it is everyone’s responsibility because we all play a part in the amassing of this waste at our homes and places of work. With the scourge of ewaste ever on the rise, many people have simply given up, yet they go on replacing their old electronics with reckless abandon for better features, more advanced technology and so on.

Electronic waste recycling starts with you right at home. What do you tell your kids about waste management? Of course, you would like them to clear their rooms and keep them in prime condition at all times. On the same breath, you should also tell them about how they should do their part to save Mother Earth from resource depletion. For example, they can start by using their mobile phones, computers and toys to the end of their lifespan? This may sound like a tall order indeed, but if we could all play our small parts in the control of ewaste spills, the world would be a better place to live in for all people.
You can use that radio, electric iron, washing machine, TV, computer and monitor to the end of their lifespan. However, that is not really enough. Take them for repairs, and squeeze as much life as you can out of them. You think you are doing too much? Think again… of the amount of money you will save when you recycle your electronics.

When to call Green Wave ewaste recycling services
If you have discarded several items at home, you can take them to the Green Wave Riverside eWaste recycling facility. There, you will find staff willing to assist you and answer all questions that you may have. Many people have many questions about their data. The good thing is that Green Wave offers data destruction services and therefore you can be sure that when you take your old electronic items to their electronic waste recycling facility, all data in the hard drives of your computers will be destroyed. After they are done, no technology in the world can restructure that data again.

Every year, millions of Americans will upgrade their smartphones, meaning that millions of these gadgets are discarded. The demand for better, faster and more enhanced smart gadgets drives manufacturers to look for more metals for their manufacture. We know very well that these devices contain precious metals like gold, mercury, palladium and others that enhance their operation. By not letting your unused gadgets stay in the closet, you will be saving the environment of the depletion of resources.

Not all old electronics are destroyed because when you take yours to the recycler, it may have a lot of life left in it such that the e-waste recycler should pay you. Most of the parts can be salvaged and used in the repair of other similar electronics. They are then resold to places like Asia and Africa. However, have you ever wondered what happens when the computer you donated to go to Africa gets to the end of its lifespan? It is disposed off into an open burn pit, where the precious and sometimes poisonous metals and elements used seep into the soil and eventually into the water reservoir. Irresponsible disposal of ewaste could lead to the proliferation of cases of cancer. This can be avoided, but it will start with you and I agreeing to do our part, no matter how small it seems to be.

Modern electronics contain many poisons
The truth is that modern electronics contain poisons, even more reason why you should have them discarded in the most proper manner. These poisons help the electronics to operate properly and therefore they are very important, and there is no way that the devices will do without them. From this alone, you can see the importance of the ewaste recyclers because only such are equipped with the right tools to handle such poisons ensuring that their either reused or disposed of in the right way.

Chips contain gallium, beryllium, cadmium, arsenide, which are very poisonous substances, yet they are important for making the devices work properly. In that case, they should all be disposed of properly and if possible, they should be reused to ensure that mining for more is delayed. Most of the wires in electronics that we use every day are carcinogens. As you can see, there is every reason for you to be very afraid of poor disposal of the old electronics. Only well established eWaste recycling services should handle the used electronics.

In the cathode ray tubes in televisions and computer monitors, a lot of lead is used in the glass to help prevent the escape of stray radiation. The problem thus comes in when the monitors are disposed badly and they shatter open, thus releasing all that lead to the soil, which eventually seeps into the water table. Responsible ewaste management recycling ensures that such dangers do not happen.

However, whenever you are wondering what to do with the collection of old iron boxes, cell phones, computers, video players, gaming consoles and monitors, remember that Green Wave ewaste recycling company is just a phone call or an email away.

How Green Wave Electronic Waste Recycling Helps You Get Rid of The Clutter

St John Fisher Catholic Community  

Fundraising Event

June 21st

In partnership with

Green Wave Recycle

will held an electronic recycling event

 June 21st from 8:00am to 2:00pm

The cause!!!

The Fr.Charles Uganda Foundation

Proceedings will go to help The fr. Charles Uganda Foundation witch helps provide for the following projects:

Clean water,tuition assistance especially for girls, school lunch programs,plant and seeds products for food crops. Just to name a few.

Thank you for you donations

Be part of it all come and help us gather as much electronic waste as possible to make this fundraising event a total successes we will be collecting all obsolete electronic waste from an old cell phone to that old car battery seating in the garage, Show your support and bring in all those old cables that are just taking space.

here is a list of some of the items we are collecting:

  • Computers
  • Computer Monitors
  • Cables
  • Batteries
  • Shredders
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Stereo Systems
  • Copy Machines
  • Cell Phones
  • Speakers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Calculators
  • Routers
  • Electronic Components
  • Cameras
  • Fax Machines
  • Radios
  • Recorders
  • Televisions
If your company has a large quantity of old electronics and wishes to donate to this fundraising event give us a call we will do the hard work, Green Wave Recycle will Collect and Place it on St John Fisher's Account towards the Event. electronic-recycling